Howard County Business & Tourism

Howard County Business & Tourism

Representing Howard County Economic Development is Robin Schluter, President, RHSHC, Sue Barnes, Howard County Extension, Jordan Guyer, Lime Springs/CUSB Bank.

Representing CIDC is Mark Cuvelier, Vice President, Financial Advisor, Andy Ludeking, Treasurer, Cresco Bank & Trust, Derek Lee, Bear Creek Archeology, Chuck Malek, Malek Builders.

Representing Cresco Chamber of Commerce is Mary Ann Neuzil, Secretary, Cresco Bank & Trust, Kris Riley, Featherlite, Jennalee Pedretti, RHSHC. Gary Gooder, Alum-line is the CEDA representative.

Howard County Business & Tourism (HCBT) is an umbrella organization to unify the Cresco Chamber of Commerce, Cresco Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC), Howard County Economic Development, and Cresco and Howard County Tourism.

HCBT works to develop and grow new and existing businesses, promote community involvement, encourage business alliances, and advance and increase tourism.

Call us at 563.547.3434 or email Jason at or Spiff at for information on services, loans, memberships, tourism experiences and more.