Howard County Economic Development

Howard County Economic Development

Howard County Economic Development (HCED) is a division of the umbrella organization Howard County Business & Tourism in Howard County, Iowa.

HCED was established to promote and coordinate economic growth and enhance the quality of life of the residents of Howard County, Iowa.

Our office is located in the Cresco Welcome Center
101 2nd Ave SW, Cresco IA 52136

2018 Executive Board                                                 Staff                                                      
Alison Holten, President                                              Jason Passmore, Executive Director                                     
Robin Schluter, 1st Vice President                               Spiff Slifka, Development Coordinator                            
Pat Boyle, 2nd Vice President                                     Kelli Gosch, Event Coordinator                                        
Donna Thomas, Treasurer  
Ken Fencl, Past President                                                          

2018 HCED Board                                                                                       
Don Burnikel, Board of Supervisors
Pam Wendel, Chester City Council
Amy Bouska, Cresco City Council
Bart Wilson, CIDC and Howard County At-Large
Shannon Gebel, City of Elma
Pat Boyle, MiEnergy Cooperative
Donna Thomas, Cresco Bank & Trust
Ted Ihns, Howard-Winn CSD
Sue Barnes, Iowa State Extension
Jordan Guyer, City of Lime Springs
Alison Holten, NICC
Adam Polashek, Protivin City Council
Ken Fencl, City of Protivin
Elaine Govern, City of Riceville
Dennis Leard, Riceville City Council
Robin Schluter, Regional Health Services of Howard County
Craig Morrison, retired SCORE, City of Cresco