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Hot Box LLC Iowa’s best AED dealer is a family owned business that provides unsurpassed customer service and name brand products like our AED Machines and Trauma Kits at the guaranteed lowest prices. Hot Box LLC has a core belief that a business is not just about profitability it’s about family, growing relationships with our customers, and providing lifesaving products that will better the communities we live in.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Each year sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) strikes nearly 300,000 people in the US, and 700,000 people in Europe, If Automated External defibrillators (AEDS) where in use in more businesses and public places almost 40000 more husbands, mothers, co-workers and children could be saved each year in the United States. Studies have shown that successful resuscitation decreases by nearly 10% with every minute that CPR and defibrillation is not administered. Truly every second counts in an emergency and the key is to be prepared by having an early defibrillation program in place as well as proper training for your employees.

Heat Illness

Every year thousands of people are hospitalized and even die from heat related illnesses. It affects everyone. Heat related illnesses such as Heat Syncope, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke are a threat to everyone and considered to be a true emergency, if these emergencies are not recognized and treated quickly, they can become deadly.

In the last four years there have been 3442 heat related deaths reported to the CDC. Many more went unreported or were not witnessed as the cause of death.Thousands more are treated in emergency rooms across the country for heat related illnesses every year.

The HOT BOX heat related illness kit is designed to give you the tools and guidance needed to react quickly and perform heat related illness first aid.

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