Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Advantages to locating in Howard County, Iowa:

  •     Superior economic growth during the past ten years
  •     Low unemployment
  •     Low cost of business development
  •     Diverse economic base
o    Manufacturing
o    Agriculture
o    Energy production
      •      Ethanol, Biomass, Wind Turbine
o    Tourism
o    Retail
o    Health Services
o    Educational institutions
o    Service industry

Howard County offers five ingredients when evaluating site selection:
  •     Access to well-educated, skilled workforce
  •     Robust business climate with fair, balanced tax and regulatory environment
  •     Access to financial resources and venture capital
  •     Technical resources
  •     Quality of Living

Northeast Iowa is a place where business opportunities abound. Existing businesses prosper in our growing entrepreneurial environment. Alumni return to a place where work and play co-exist in harmony. Find out what northeast Iowa can offer you.

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Innovative Workforce Solutions 

Manpower remains alert to job opportunities in allareas we service — both immediate and future hiring needs. If your skills andyour interests fit the types of positions we place, we'll invite you to gothrough different screening steps, including a thorough interview. Thisinformation helps us better match you to companies that seek your skills andbackground and opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find anassignment for you, we'll make certain you're thoroughly prepared for on thejob success.

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