Bronze Statues of Howard County


Cresco, IA 52136



The Howard County Business and Tourism emphasizes Howard County as a great example of a ‘rural’ county in the state of Iowa. Stop by the Cresco Welcome Center for updated brochures of “Bronze Statues of Howard County”– a play on the “Bridges of Madison County”.

The Bronzes of Cresco was conceived as an idea to make Cresco an even more unique community. This idea has now been embraced by all cities in Howard County. The emphasis is to raise community and visitor awareness to a form of art not readily available outside museums and galleries.

Each piece is signed by the artist and upon examination, similar themes are present…. Some of the pieces are truly bronze in color and if not maintained will develop the green patina while others are colored intentionally at the foundry.

This is truly a community and volunteer effort. Local masonry and ready mix companies provide bases, local equipment owners set the statues, and a local jeweler makes the plaques with coating from a local auto body painter. Of course, most important is the people of Cresco and Howard County who recognize this unique project and provide funding.

Cresco Bronze Statues by Visit Iowa