City of Protivin

Protivin is an active community with everything from restaurants to softball diamonds.

It is commonly known for its annual Czech Days. Every August, Protivin has a weekend festivity celebrating its Czech Heritage. There are softball tournaments, games, food, drinks, camping, dancing, and so much more. It is full of fun and often draws in all the other towns of Howard County to celebrate for the weekend. It's definitely worth the trip.

As with the other towns, Protivin offers plentiful wildlife areas and outdoor recreation for hunting, fishing, or ball games. It is a fun community to visit or to live in!

Protivin City Hall

    Joane Kulish, City Clerk


221 S Main St, Protivin, IA

PO Box 68 Protivin, IA 52163

History of Protivin

To anyone spending time in this town, it would soon become evident that the Protivin community is of rich Czech heritage. The first Czechs settling around Protivin in 1855 were attracted to the area because of its geographical similarities to their homeland.

The Birth of Protivin is rooted in religion. This predominately Catholic community had to travel to St. Wenceslaus in Spillville to attend weekly services. The result of this inconvenience was a proposal in 1878 to build a church of their own.

A dispute arose over the location of the Church. Land was donated a half a mile north of Protivin’s present location where a community was already beginning to take root. This settlement already had the services of a blacksmith, saloon, store, and dance hall. However, a decision is 1878 would place the church “on top of the hill.”

The fact that the Holy Trinity Parish was the first structure built in Protivin showed the town’s emphasis on religion. Soon many other businesses would take form on Protivin’s down town. Every year in August, the town of Protivin celebrates “Czech Days” in celebration of the communities rich heritage. Many from Howard County and the surrounding area celebrate with the town natives.