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The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting education programs and projects which reflect the lifetime achievements and philosophy of Dr. Norman Borlaug.

For over a half century, the scientific and humanitarian achievements of Dr. Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize winner, Congressional Gold Medal Winner, and recipient of over 50 honorary Doctorate Degrees) has kept starvation at bay for millions of people in third world countries. Dr. Borlaug, ” Father of the Green Revolution” continues his battle against starvation in Africa. Gregg Easterbrook writes of Borlaug “Though barely known in the country of his birth, elsewhere in the world Norman Borlaug is widely considered to be among the leading Americans of our age.

The Foundation’s immediate efforts focus on raising an endowment to protect, preserve, and promote the Borlaug childhood farm and the legacy of Norman Borlaug.

Dr. Borlaug’s boyhood home and schoolhouse have been partially restored. The school house has been moved to the boyhood farm site and may serve as a visitors center depicting various stages of Dr. Borlaug’s life and work. The boyhood home is being restored to its 1920 character and serves as living quarters for the education residency program. The house will also be open to the public during special events at the farm.

The Foundation board has set the long term endowment goal at $7,000,000. Interest earned on this goal would fund a full-time Borlaug Education Residency Program, Borlaug Farm Preservation and Maintenance Program, Borlaug Scholarship Program and Borlaug Education Seminar Program in perpetuity.

In addition, the Foundation board has envisioned a Borlaug Education Outreach Center, to be built on 5 acres reserved for development on Dr. Borlaug’s 103 acre boyhood farm. The Center would consist of an exhibition hall and museum to display residency work and Borlaug archives, a board room and offices, small library/study for students and education residency participants, studio, green house, living quarters, kitchen and dining facilities for events, public rest rooms, and a presentation multimedia room.

The 106 acre farm will continue in pasture, cropland and forest preserve. Demonstration grain plots of Dr. Borlaug’s work will be available for viewing. Walking trails and footbridges will be constructed for public viewing of the farm. The Center would serve as home base for the Foundation and its education programs. Estimated project costs: $4,000,000. A copy of the architects’ preliminary drawings of the Center is available upon request.

Additional funds are being sought for the purchase and preservation of Dr. Borlaug’s birthplace which is adjacent the boyhood farm.

Proud Member of the Cresco Area Chamber of Commerce and we accept Cresco Chamber Dollars.

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