Northeast Iowa RC&D


101 E Greene St, Postville, IA

Mailing Address

PO Box 916 Postville, IA 52162


Paul Berland, Executive Director






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Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation & Development, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a seven county area of Northeast Iowa.  We work with community members and leaders to develop great ideas, build partnerships, find funding and turn our dreams into reality.

This bottom up approach gives us the power to improve our lives and communities.

What We Do

  • Project Development and Planning
    • Group Facilitation
    • Partnership Building
    • Grant Research
    • Grant Writing
  • Natural Resource Based Business Development
    • Facilitation and Organizational Assistance
    • Business Planning
    • Feasibility Study Assistance
    • Revolving Loan Fund
    • Grant Identification and Writing
  • GIS + Mapping
    • Data Acquisition, Analysis, Management, and Presentation
    • Custom Map Development
    • Large-Format Poster/Map Printing
  • Watershed Project Development
    • RASCAL Stream Assessment
    • GIS Evaluation
    • Water Monitoring
    • Land-owner Survey
    • Partnership Development/Alliance Building
    • Grant Writing
  • Natural Resource Based Technical Assistance
    • Targeted Program Outreach
    • Forestry Consultation
    • Invasive Species Monitoring/Control
    • Land Use Mapping
    • Urban Tree Inventory
  • Natural Resource Publications
    • Development/Layout
    • Grant Identification and Writing

Find us on Facebook at Northeast Iowa RCD and on Twitter @northeastiowarcd.

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