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OmniTel Communications, headquartered in Nora Springs, was founded in 1904 as a rural independent telephone company. For over 100 years, making the communities we serve better places to live, work and play, has been our mission. Of course 100 years ago, we accomplished that mission by supplying these communities with wireline telephone service. Today we are continuing our commitment by providing the most up-to-date fiber optic infrastructure.

A fiber optics network will keep those we serve more connected. The value in this network goes far beyond connecting our communities with their friends and families. It makes it possible for new businesses to relocate in our rural communities. It brings distance learning opportunities to our schools. And it links our medical facilities to major hospitals, bringing world-class medical care and expertise to all of us- no matter where we live.
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The Fiber Revolution

On March 30, 2011, Google, the world’s largest Internet Search Engine, chose Kansas City, Kansas as a partner for its community Fiber-to-the-Home project. It was a coveted opportunity. Over 1,100 communities submitted applications for the project. In March 2010, Topeka, Kansas even changed its name to Google, Kansas in hopes of attracting the attention of the corporate giant. And one month later, Google responded by changing its name to Topeka for a day (April 1, 2010).

Interestingly, the fiber optics project that Google is deploying in Kansas City is very similar to the fiber optics project OmniTel is deploying in North Iowa. Like Google, OmniTel is connecting individual households with super high broadband speeds (or Fiber-to-the-Home).

Also, like Google, OmniTel believes wireless and wireline services complement each other. While wireless networks offer flexibility by allowing us to access the Internet when we are away from home, a wireline network connection will always have greater speeds with a more secure connection and far less interruptions.

The fact is that while 1,100 communities may not have fully understood the benefits of a Fiber-to-the-Home project, they did understand the opportunity Google was offering was too good to pass up.
At OmniTel, if you live in Nora Springs, Rudd, Rockford, Rock Falls, Marble Rock, Plymouth, Floyd, Greene, Stacyville, St Ansgar, Little Cedar, Riceville or New Haven, we’re not asking you to submit an application. We already know that you and your rural community are the communities we would like to partner with on a Fiber-to-the-Home project. Our plans might seem lofty, but we’re hoping in the next five years we all will join Kansas City in The Fiber Revolution.

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