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The Tri-State Emergency Communications Response Team is dedicated to providing help to public service agencies with communications when normal communications are not working.

Our communications van has equipment that can talk to police, sheriff, fire, hospital, air ambulance and amateur radio operators point to point or though the use of repeaters.

We are an amateur radio club that provides emergency communications in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We also do storm spotting for the area and have direct communication with the National Weather Service via our repeater.

Amateur television transmissions are also possible to and from the scene to a remote command post, putting incident command personnel on the scene through live television.

Tri-State Amateur Radio Club in Cresco is the only ham radio club to ever receive he Presidents POINT OF LIGHT AWARD, and we have also received the Governor’s Volunteer Award and we are the reason Howard County received two grants for a total of $333,000 for emergency equipment.

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