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Quality Scandinavian Housewares for over 50 years!

Bethany Housewares Inc is a leading manufacturer of Scandinavian/Norwegian cookware. For over 50 years, Bethany Housewares Inc has produced “The Original Lefse Grill”. Bethany Housewares Inc also manufactures many items used in the process of making lefse.

The grill is offered in 2 finishes, the traditional satin finish and the newer silverstone finish. Items used to aid in the lefse making include: Lefse Turning Sticks, Pastry Board & Cloth Set, Lefse Rolling Pins, Rolling Pin Covers, and Potato Ricers. Other items to make more traditional Scandinavian/Norwegian treats include Rosette Sets, Kransekake Rings, Goro Iron, Sandbakkelse Tins, Fattigmand Rollers, Krumkaka Bakers, Pizzelle Bakers, and the Spritz Cookie Gun.

If you are looking for a specific recipe try one of our cook books –  Original Scandinavian Recipes or 91 Ways to Serve Lefse. Novelty items screened with “Lefse is Beautiful” are the Lefse Apron and the Lefse Hot Pad.


  • 8am – 5pm CST

Bethany Housewares is a proud member of the Cresco Area Chamber of Commerce and accepts Cresco Chamber Dollars.