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606 2nd Ave SW Cresco, IA

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PO Box 278, Cresco, IA 52136


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For over 40 years, Culligan Water Experts’ mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers’ lives. We hope to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water.

We’ve seen about every water problem imaginable and we’re solving these problems to deliver the refreshing, clean and pure water that’s become our hallmark. Free of contaminants and minerals, water treated with Culligan softeners or filtration systems will make an impression on you and your household or workplace.

Culligan Cresco serves Cresco, Decorah, and New Hampton.

Customer Hours

  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
  • Sat/Sun: Closed

Sales Hours

  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 1pm
  • Sun: Closed