Laborshed Analysis

A Laborshed is defined as the area or region from which an employment center draws its commuting workers.

The purpose of this Laborshed analysis is to measure the availability and characteristics of workers within the region by developing and conducting surveys based on geographic principles.

The Laborshed data generated will aid local development officials in the facilitation of industry expansion, recruitment and their service to existing industry in the area.

A Skillshed is the geographic area from which a region pulls its workforce and the skills, education, and experience that the workforce possesses. The Skillshed analyzes four key findings:

  • Identification of the current skills possessed by the supply of workers
  • Projected employment growth, median wages, skills, and knowledge needed by employers
  • The demand for workers considering the factors affecting supply and demand
  • Gap analysis between the current set of skills and education and that set needed by current and prospective employers

The Fringe Benefit Profile encompasses businesses in northeast Iowa and provides a detailed analysis of employer provided benefits. This information will assist businesses, community leaders, and workers to make better informed decisions on expansion and retention initiatives, community development projects, and job offerings.

Our regional and county Laborshed, Skillshed, and Fringe Benefit Profile is a collaborative effort from our six county partnership through Northeast Iowa Business Network (NIBN): Howard County Business & Tourism, Allamakee County, Delaware County, Fayette County, Clayton County, Winneshiek County, Upper Explorerland