Iowa Small Business Development Centers

Howard County is the recipient of two Development Centers:


The University of Northern Iowa Small Business Development Center has served business clients in northeast Iowa since 1981 and is continuing to add to existing programs and services. The center involves undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff in providing service to its business clients.


The Northeast Iowa Small Business Development Center was opened in the early part of 1985 through the efforts of a tri-college group who worked together, and in partnership with the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, to address the need for entrepreneurial training and assistance.

In October 2005 the Northeast Iowa SBDC officially changed host institutions to the Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar. The SBDC center remains physically located in downtown Dubuque where it is more accessible to the Northeast Iowa business community.

Contact Howard County Business & Tourism (HCBT) today to make appointments with the regional SBDC representatives.

Updated May 24, 2022 in Starting A Business