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Buckley Barn

12178 200th St, Elma, IA

About 1 mile south of Lourdes, on US 63, turn west onto 200th Street and go two miles to the barn, which is on the south side of 200th Street. Barn was built in 1915 on land given to family by President Buchanan.

Ellingson Barn

19987 Timber Avenue, Cresco

About 1 mile south of Lourdes, on US 63, turn east onto 200th Street. Just past the Stephen Wildlife Area, turn north onto Timber Avenue. The barn can be seen from Dr. Borlaug’s farm, half a mile away. The family farm has been beautifully restored.

Norman Borlaug Boyhood Farm

19518 200th St, Cresco, IA 52136

For over a half century, the scientific and humanitarian achievements of Dr. Norman Borlaug, recipient of over 50 honorary Doctorate Degrees, kept starvation at bay for millions of people in third world countries. Dr. Borlaug is one of only seven people in the world to be awarded the Nobel Peace …