Why Howard County?

Howard County offers low unemployment and low cost of business development. The county has experienced superior economic growth during the past ten years. There is an established and diverse economic base in manufacturing, agriculture, energy production (ethanol, biomass, wind turbine), tourism, retail, health services, and educational institutions.

Site Selection Evaluation

Five ingredients when evaluating site selection

  1. Access to well-educated, skilled workforce
  2. Robust business climate with fair, balanced tax and regulatory environment
  3. Access to financial resources and venture capital
  4. Technical resources
  5. Quality of Living


Business Environment

Here in Howard County, we understand that business & industry is the livelihood of any economy, which is why we make it easier for businesses to succeed.

With lower business costs, construction ready sites, an expanding community with unquestionable growth potential, a skilled workforce, and industry initiatives designed to stimulate growth, innovation and profits.

Discover what several successful companies have already found about Howard County's pro-industry & pro-business environment.

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